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Acugrip arbors and chucks function by expanding or compressing the sleeve material within its elastic limit under hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic system is integral and may be manually or power actuated.

Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the basic principles of typical manually operated arbors and chucks. The actuator screw is rotated clockwise to advance the intensifier piston assembly to pressurise the system. The sleeves are expanded in the case of an arbor and compressed in the case of a chuck over the gripping area between the seals, they do not expand or contract beyond the seal area. Extreme accuracy in component location is assured as the sleeves expand or contract under equalised hydraulic pressure uniformly from their geometric axis.

Accuracy Acugrip high precision hydraulic arbors and chucks are manufactured and guaranteed to run within 0,005mm (0.0002) T.I.R. although component variables may affect this.

If component parameters allow, it is possible to supply to a run-out tolerance of 0,0025mm (0.0001) T.I.R.